Living Room

Living rooms are for living – it’s right there in the name. When you’re going to spend so much time in one space, you deserve the best. That’s Furniture delivers the best quality and the best value when it comes to all things living room furniture in Adelaide. We believe a living room should be comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing so you can feel completely relaxed and at ease from the moment you set foot in it, forgetting the stresses of the day and we’re here to help. From vintage to state of the art, we have something to suit as sofas Adelaide furniture for all styling tastes and all budgets.

Furniture for family focused living

We know that all families are different, and so are their needs for living room furniture. Adelaide families come in all shapes and sizes, and we have something to suit each and every customer. From comfortable recliners for relaxing alone to beautiful spacious lounges Adelaide sitting for cuddling up together and everything in between, we’ve got something for you and your family. While browsing through our range of living room furniture, Adelaide residents can expect to find elegant coffee tables, practical entertainment and television units, stylish lamp tables and much more, all designed to suit in both new and older style homes.

Best living room furniture Adelaide wide

Not only do we have the best value living room furniture in Adelaide, but we also offer top quality advice here at Thats Furniture. If you need help making a decision about what furniture would suit your living room needs best, or you’re in need of tips on what goes well together, we’re here for you. Everyone’s taste varies, but we’re always happy to discuss inspiration and to bounce ideas off each other! We also offer tips on furniture care and can answer any other questions you might have about how we can work together to create your dream living room. It’s all part of our exceptional service.

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