At That’s Furniture & Bedding Adelaide ( 2 stores Marion and Gawler) we are all about beds, whatever size you require, single, king single, double, queen, king or super king we have them all including a large range of MLILY adjustable Beds with new adjustable bed technology – adjustable bed bases that change the height and the lumbar curve in the mattress for extra comfort and support ideal if you suffer from back pain.

There are many add-ons available in the MLily range including head tilt/pillow raise, preset TV and Zero Gravity positions, an extra memory position, LED lighting under the bed and USB chargers, there is a leg elevation position that may assist in adjustments that may help hip and back pain sufferers enormously.
The addition of the head and foot vibrating massage is a welcome inclusion if you are looking for options to encourage improved blood flow.
A wireless controller is also available with built in flash light and a programmable memory position, simply select your most comfortable position and memorise it on the controller to return your bed to your favorite upright position with the touch of a button. The stylish matching of the frame surrounds just finish off these beds perfectly. These beds are also available in a split king size – 2 long singles together.

MLILY have taken electric beds into the future with so many features available to choose from. Sometimes due to an injury you may have to spend a prolonged time in bed MLILY have so many options available, call into That’s furniture & Bedding Adelaide (2 stores Marion and Gawler) today for more information.